Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Monster Week Ahead

All I can say is wow. Let me say that again. WOW (that one was all caps). What a damn good week of college football we were blessed with. There were some awesome games (Pittsburgh vs. Utah, LSU vs. North Carolina, Oregon St. vs. TCU, Boise St. vs. Virginia Tech), some contenders looked really good (Alabama, Ohio St, Miami Fl, Oregon), other contenders didn't look so good (Oklahoma, Florida, Ole Miss) and some games didn't matter because one team is a cheater (USC vs. Hawaii). At the end of the day, the first week of college football was fantastic. If the first week is any indication of how this season plays out, we are in for a very entertaining one. Now we come to week 2, which is absolutely loaded with stellar games. But guess what, this Saturday slate of games isn't even the most important part of the weekend. No it's not the US Open. Although I am eager to see my man Roger Federer climb back to the top of the Tennis universe. NFL starts you fools! From Thursday to Monday, I will be watching a total of approximately 40 hours of football or football coverage. Typing that just now gave me butterflies in my stomach. A days worth of football is a slice of heaven. 40 hours is all of heaven, with all of the angels and saints included too. What kind of person would I be if I didn't pick the outcomes to a number of these games? One who doesn't care about sports, that's who. Also, I want to test my game picking ability. Hopefully I can establish myself as a stud in the field of picking games. If nothing else, I am "expert" #11,265 that is trying to get you to read their picks.

College Football
Auburn over Mississippi St.
Houston over UTEP
Florida over South Florida
South Carolina over Georgia
Florida St. over Oklahoma
Michigan over Notre Dame
Miami Fl over Ohio St. (Didn't a Miami team crush the title hopes of an Ohio team already this summer? I'm pretty sure it happened.)
Alabama over Penn St.
Oregon over Tennessee
Stanford over UCLA

New Orleans over Minnesota
New York Giants over Carolina
Atlanta over Pittsburgh
Tampa Bay over Cleveland
Denver over Jacksonville
Indianapolis over Houston
Miami over Buffalo
Chicago over Detroit
Tennessee over Oakland
New England over Cincinnati
Arizona over St. Louis
San Francisco over Seattle
Green Bay over Philadelphia
Dallas over Washington
New York Jets over Baltimore
San Diego over Kansas City

Let's hope I start the year off strong. I'm looking for a close to perfect week to give myself some momentum for the rest of the year. My goal is to correctly choose the winner of 75% of all games I pick. I've set the bar high. It's set high because I am the Captain! But this isn't about me, my picks or the stuffed bread I will be eating on Sunday (yummm). This is about the excitement that all of us are starting to feel. This is football season ladies and gentlemen. Enjoy!