Saturday, September 11, 2010

Monster Saturday Running Diary part 2

4:00: We are back for part two of the Monster Saturday Running Diary! A couple of final scores from part one. Duke 48 Wake Forest 54, USF 14 Florida 38 and Virginia Tech is trailing at home to former US President James Madison. We have 4 quality sporting events to watch during this diary.

1. Miami FL at Ohio St.- In my opinion this is the best game of the week. 2 Championship contenders with 2 Heisman candidates (Terrelle Pryor and Jacory Harris.) I’m hoping for a Miami win, and I think it will happen. Is there anyway a team from Ohio could beat a team from Florida in this sporting season? I don’t think so.
2. Michigan at Notre Dame- For some reason I am very intrigued by this game. I think it is because both teams are mysteries at this point. We don’t know how good either of these teams are. We’ll find out today.
3. Florida St. at Oklahoma- The Stoops Bowl! Oklahoma trying to come off an unimpressive win last week. Florida St. is trying to get a second win in the Jimbo Fisher era.
4. Roger Federer vs. Novak Djokovic- U.S. Open Semifinals matchup to see who faces Rafa Nadal in the championship. Federer has been my man for years. He finds his way into the Monster Saturday Rotation.

4:05: Awesome starts to all of these games. Miami leads 7-3, FSU and Oklahoma are tied at 7, and so are Michigan and Notre Dame. Virginia Tech just went down to James Madison. All I can say is Monster Saturday!

4:12: Oklahoma goes up 14-7 late in the first quarter. Are we sure that Mark Stoops isn’t really working for his brother?

4:15: If Florida St. and Miami both lose today, it has to be one of the worst days in ACC football history. Georgia Tech went down to Kansas, VT lost to James Madison. That would mean the projected top 4 teams in the conference all lost. Yikes.

4:21: Denard Robinson might be a dark horse Heisman Candidate. If Michigan gets a win today, then go on to make a splash in the Big Ten and he continues to play like he did last week, there is no reason why his name shouldn’t be mentioned.

4:25: Turkey 79 Serbia 77, with 58 seconds left. I should be a bookie. My lines so far today (U.S. -17 winning by 15, and Turkey -3) have been impressive to say the least.

4:28: WOW! The Turkey crowd is stunned! Excellent ball movement leads to Serbia taking the lead 82-81. Boy did I flip to this game at a good time. To lighten up this tense game, they just showed a Turkish fan crying. That was funny. And another WOW! On a broken play Turkey scores a layup with 0.5 seconds left. This is absolute madness. My god international basketball is crazy! Game isn’t over yet though.
4:33: Serbia goes for an alley-oop off the inbounds pass but it’s blocked. A foul could have probably been called, but the country of Turkey may have revolted if they lost in that fashion.

4:35: Ohio St. tied the game up at 10. Florida St. is trailing to the Stoops brothers 21-7, and Michigan leads Notre Dame 14-7. I smell Chicken Parmesan cooking. This excites the hell out of me. Be back after dinner.

5:05: God I love being Italian! Dinner was excellent, no surprise. Miami scores on special teams again, this time with a punt return and momentum has suddenly swung in Miami’s favor. They still trail 20-17. Jim Tressel and his sweater vest look on in disbelief.

5:10: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; Denard Robinson is a legitimate Heisman Candidate. 87 yard touchdown run puts the Wolverines up 21-7. He will keep this play up all year.

5:12: Federer goes up 2 sets to 1. Breaks Djokovic in the 3rd set, wins it 7-5. He’s excited and so am I.

5:15: Nate Montana (Joe Montana’s son) is in the game for an injured Dane Crist. To no one’s surprise he isn’t as good as his dad. He throws the ball clear out of the endzone on the last play of the half.

5:22: So much for momentum being on Miami’s side. Ohio St. kicks a field goal to go up 23-17, and then on the first play of Miami’s drive Jacory Harris throws his third interception of the half. Leads to an Ohio St. field goal. It’s 26-17 going to halftime.

5:37: All 3 marquee games are at halftime. Federer is struggling in the 4th set. I do not like this one bit.

5:43: Federer and Djokovic going to the 5th set. This might be priority number one right now on the television despite the fact that the 2nd halves are going to be starting.

5:49: Michigan and Notre Dame is going to end up being the game to watch. Dane Crist returns and throws a touchdown pass. 21-14 Michigan lead. Denard Robinson is up next!

5:56: Federer up 2-1 in the 5th set and Notre Dame driving with the ball trailing 21-14. Monster Saturday!

6:02: Score updates: Michigan 21 Notre Dame 17, Miami 17 Ohio St. 33, Florida St. 7 Oklahoma 41 and Federer and Djokovic are tied 2-2 in the 5th set.

6:17: I think the U.S. Open uses grown men to be the ball boys. The guys running across the court to retrieve the balls don’t really look like “boys.” Federer cannot put Djokovic away to go up 4-3.

6:18: Finally! 4-3 Federer in the 5th.

6:24: Federer and Djokovic knotted at 4 in the 5th set, Michigan leads by 4 going into the 4th quarter. All we need is Gus Johnson calling both games from CBS Studios. Just imagine it:
Gus: “Federer serving… Djokovic returns. Ohhhh Federer slams it! HA HA HA! You just can’t beat the Maestro! CBS Sports, this is the US Open.”

6:28: I can’t stop drooling over how awesome it is to watch Denard Robinson. He just turned a designed run into a pass for a first down. If he learns how to throw like an actual quarterback he would be virtually unstoppable.

6:38: Djokovic ties it again at 5-5 in the 5th set. Notre Dame is trailing by 4 points. I am getting dizzy from changing the channel so much.

6:42: Djokovic breaks Federer, I might cry. Novak leads 6-5 with the serve in the 5th set. No joke, I might cry.

6:52: Federer loses. I need 15 minutes.
6:55: Okay I only took 3 because Notre Dame launched a 95 touchdown. Wow this game is cheering me up. Monster Saturday! Man up Sonny!

7:03: 4th and short for Michigan. Denard Robinson time!

7:03: 1st down Michigan! Is it weird that I have a Vince Young feeling about this kid? Like there is no way he is going to lose this game because he can beat you with his feet or his arm.

7:11: As Michigan at Notre Dame is at commercial, Penn St. at Alabama are about to kick off. I think that game has potential to get ugly in favor of the Tide.

7:13: I don’t think I need to say who scored the go ahead touchdown Michigan… But I will, Denard Robinson! Your future Heisman Trophy winner.

7:18: 6 seconds left, Notre Dame has about 30 yards to go. They are down 4 so they need a touchdown (I know this because our announce team has told us about 6 times since Notre Dame got the ball 4 minutes ago.)

7:19: What’s with these Notre Dame quarterbacks throwing the ball out of the endzone on the last plays of the half? Maybe the least dramatic Hail Mary attempt ever. Great game though. Michigan wins 28-24. Time to take a break. Be back for part 3 in a bit.