Saturday, October 9, 2010

Week 5 Picks

I sincerely apologize for my disappearance last week. I was busy with school, going to New York and working on two mega columns (NBA Preview and Saw preview) which will both be released within the month of October. So I hope you forgive me for my disappearance last week and lack of anything good this week.

Week 3 I was 6-4 picking college football and 10-6 picking NFL. My college record is now 21-9 and NFL is 29-19. That is 50-28 overall. Good thing I didn’t post anything last week. I picked games absolutely awful. If I don’t turn things around, I might need a pep talk from Dr. Lou.

College Football
Alabama over South Carolina
Michigan over Michigan St.
Arkansas over Texas A&M
Notre Dame over Pittsburgh
North Carolina over Clemson
Arizona over Oregon St.
Florida over LSU
Miami over Florida St.
Stanford over USC
Washington over Arizona St.

Jacksonville over Buffalo
Tampa Bay over Cincinnati
Atlanta over Cleveland
Detroit over St. Louis
Indianapolis over Kansas City
Green Bay over Washington
Chicago over Carolina
Baltimore over Denver
Houston over New York Giants
New Orleans over Arizona
Dallas over Tennessee
San Diego over Oakland
San Francisco over Philadelphia
Minnesota over New York Jets

One more thing to add:
I saw The Social Network last night, and it was absolutely phenomenal! It rightfully deserves all of the praise it is getting. It is funny, smart and dramatic. I dare say that it is one of those movies that have a legendary feel. I have already said it has vaulted into my top 20, potentially top 10 all time. It’s that good and I demand you readers to see it. Seriously, get to it!