Thursday, June 10, 2010

2010 World Cup

Naturally, if a sports fan were asked the question, “Which sporting event takes place every four years?” the majority would answer by saying the Olympics. That’s understandable. The world’s best athletes gather to compete in a variety events in order to decide which country dominates the world (the reason I say this is because coincidentally the United States always wins the medal count and is also the only world super power). I’m here to argue that there is a different sporting event that happens every four years that means more to the people of their respective countries than the Olympics. The World Cup. It takes a lot of courage to try to write about a sporting event in which you are somewhat unfamiliar with the sport itself and a sporting event that you only have 1 experience with, which is what I am doing. Prior to the 2006 World Cup, the amount of soccer I had watched in my life was the TV spots for Bend it like Beckham and the Full House episode when Michelle scored against her own team… so sad. Despite my lack of knowledge, and at that point lack of interest, I watched a few games and to my surprise was completely hooked. This might seem a little crazy, but an international soccer game with the pride of your country on the line is some of the most exciting TV you can find. The crowds are blood thirsty and the players are passionate. In 2006, rather than jumping on board with the Americans, I cheered for my heritage (the Italians). Much to my delight, Italy defeated France in the championship game which went to a shoot out. From that point on, I was addicted to World Cup soccer. Four years later its back and in South Africa. This time I know what I am getting myself into, and have some idea of which teams could walk away with international bragging rights once this 32 team tournament is over.

Predictions (No names will be mentioned in this blog. I doubt anyone who reads this cares for thorough analysis on each team. So I won’t bore you with it.)

Group A
1. Mexico
2. France
3. Uruguay
4. South Africa

Group B
1. Nigeria
2. Argentina
3. Greece
4. South Korea

Group C
1. England
2. United States
3. Slovenia
4. Algeria

Group D
1. Germany
2. Serbia
3. Australia
4. Ghana

Group E
1. Cameroon
2. Netherlands
3. Denmark
4. Japan

Group F
1. Italy
2. Paraguay
3. Slovakia
4. New Zealand

Group G
1. Brazil
2. Portugal
3. Ivory Coast
4. North Korea

Group H
1. Spain
2. Chile
3. Honduras
4. Switzerland

Mexico vs. Argentina- Winner: Mexico
England vs. Serbia- Winner: England
Germany vs. United States- Winner: Germany
Nigeria vs. France- Winner: Nigeria
Cameroon vs. Paraguay- Winner: Cameroon
Brazil vs. Chile- Winner: Brazil
Spain vs. Portugal- Winner: Spain
Italy vs. Netherlands- Winner: Italy

Mexico vs. England- Winner: England
Cameroon vs. Brazil- Winner: Brazil
Germany vs. Nigeria- Winner: Nigeria
Italy vs. Spain- Winner: Spain

Spain vs. Nigeria- Winner: Spain
Brazil vs. England- Winner: Brazil

Spain vs. Brazil- Winner: Brazil

So there you have it. That is exactly how the World Cup plays out. As bad as I wanted to pick Nigeria to make a Butler type run to the Championship, I couldn’t do it. But who knows; I certainly don’t. It could definitely happen. In one month we will know which country reigns supreme and owns the soccer world. The World will be watching, and once again, so will I.